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Costa Rica Trademarks

Costa Rica TradeMarks

Perhaps the most valuable asset in your company, intellectual property should be protected by law. As a business oriented law firm we notice that trademarks or “brands” are the reason why business owners work so hard. After many years of operation if you have not developed a brand name, you better revise your business plan.

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The only way to protect your daily efforts in business is to protect your trademark. By doing this, you reserve the rights for exclusive commercial use in a specific territory. Our practice on creating or registering Trademarks is serious about protection, we offer a combination between a flexible corporate structure and the ownership of your “name”.

Costa Rica has a modern intellectual property registry located within only minutes of our offices, which allows our attorneys to play an active role in the latest developments in the field. Your company or endeavor should protect regionally its trademark, commercial name, slogan, design and also its patents.


Our intellectual property attorneys will advise you to the correct protection procedure and maintain a “protective eye” during the term of your legal coverage. Through our regional and international network we are capable of obtaining worldwide protection for your trademarks.

Enjoy from the indefinite benefits of registering your brand and the goodwill associated with the mark. GLC Abogados® will assist you in protecting your brand identity in a way that would not cause competitors to question your copyrights over it.

Our specialized attorneys will be the starting point of securing your brand, so don’t wait until there is a problem. We will conduct a comprehensive screening search in local online databases and proceed to register your trademark.