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Costa Rica Business Setup

Since the beginning in 1999, we are specialized in collaborating with Costa Rica business setups which are of all kind of types and for diverse purposes.

We are convinced that the exceptional Costa Rican talent, the optimal legal and business environment, and our important efforts have placed us as business setup facilitators in Costa Rica.

Some examples of the business types we have helped with a Costa Rica Business Setup:

costa rica business setup

Coffee shops, hostels, bars, restaurants, convenience stores, software companies, marketing agencies, aviation business, luxury hotels, mass product manufacturers, real estate developments, call centers, logistics companies, financial firms; these are just a few examples of the businesses we have helped with their installation in Costa Rica over the years.

We believe in simple but robust solutions that facilitate the selection of our country as a foreign investment destination which, at the same time, works as a vehicle that boosts Costa Rica's growth.

Is the Costa Rica Business Setup Process Difficult?

The Costa Rica business setup process can be simple and secure if you let experts handle this task, some of our services on this area are:

  • • Constitution and Selection of the Appropriate Juridical Entity for a Particular Commercial Activity
  • • Formation of Legal Structure for Asset and Equity Protection
  • Trademark Registration
  • • Creation of Labor Contracts, Internal Work Policies
  • • Touristic Declaration by ICT
  • • Registration as Taxpayer
  • • Registration as Exporter
  • • Inscription as Employer

Contact one of our Costa Rican business setup lawyers, and we will be content to analyze your setup business needs.