Testimonial of Dr. Ronald Hash (rest in peace)


«I am happy to comment on the services provided by GLC.  I applied for pensionado status with inmigration.  Though it took a long time the persistent efforts  of your firm have finally resulted in receiving this status.  It helped to have persons at your firm who spoke English.  I especially wish to thank you Viviana for your consistently diplomatic approach when things were a bit confused.  I intend to seek additional services from your law firm in the future.»

Dr. Ronald J. Hash, BSed., Med., Ed.D., D.C.

Our foreword: Dr. Hash was a great human being and developed a special relationship with all the members of our firm, he was an optimist and a very talented individual, I had the honor to visit him in his cabin in the mountains of El Cerro de la Muerte.

May he rest in peace.

Augusto Arce,

Managing Partner



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