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Testimonial from Frank Scott

glc abogados reviews costa rica

Sept 18, 2019 


I have been acquainted with Augusto Arce of GLC ABOGADOS for many years and when I decided to purchase a condo in Costa Rica, Augusto was the first person I contacted.  He helped me understand the process of purchasing a condo in a new construction building in Costa Rica and helped me with all stages of the initial process.

Later, Augusto had his associates aid me with the process, including Lic. Diego Elizondo who assisted me for many months through the difficult process of purchasing this property.  Diego, did an extremely good job of assisting me with all facets of this purchase. There were several issues and challenges with this particular purchase especially for myself as I am not accustomed to buying property in Costa Rica.  Diego guided me through all the steps to a successful and satisfactory closing. He was always quick to respond to any questions or concerns and was very patient and professional.

Thank you Augusto Arce and Diego Elizondo for your good work and I am happy to give you both a very positive recommendation.


Frank Scott

Testimonial: Deepak Sharma MD

glc abogados reviews costa rica

Date: August 1, 2019

To Whom It May Concern,

I am one of many existing home buyers from the United States who want to buy a home in Costa Rica.

I recently went on vacation and loved it so much that I wanted to buy a property. After narrowing down my search to a specific area in Costa Rica, I wanted to get a reliable Real Estate Attorney so I found GLC Abogados in San Jose, Costa Rica.

I proceeded to call one weekend and the attorney Arce called me right back and gave me his cellphone number and answered all my questions.

After I finalized the house I was going to buy, my Real Estate broker wanted me to use some attorney from Jaco Beach, whom she recommended, but after my research, I was adamant on having my own attorney who would safeguard my assets.

GLC was very helpful in finding me a home inspector who could inspect my new home and give me an estimate on how to repair any faults in the house which was a great help in negotiation my final offer price. This is something my broker never suggested and said the house was in good condition and “buy as it is”.

GLC was vert helpful and prompt in making a corporation for me and the transfer of assets coverage very easy.

The whole process was less than a month and went very smoothly from registration a corporation for me to getting a national register after title search. Attorney Diego Elizondo was excellent. He was very precise and professional throughout.

I recommend any existing party who is planning on buying a house in Costa Rica to use this firm and always your own attorney when finalizing the deal.

Thank you,
Deepak Sharma MD


” I used the services of GLC Abogados to acquire a business in San José, Costa Rica. One critical change in direction was made due to the results of their due diligence while analyzing the business that I was acquiring. Due to this change in direction, I did not put myself in a position to be at risk, both legally and financially. Their experience was brought to the table and my business got protected. I fully recommend GLC Abogados.

Javier Mendez


Testimonial from Sven Berger

Testimonial from Sven Berger

Dear Augusto,

I am pleased with the performance of you and your team, Carmen, Eugenia, and Dahiana. Regrettably, the bureaucrats of Costa Rica needed 18 months to decide that I was eligible for permanent residence as Rentista in CR. This was not your fault and nothing can be done about it. After the state’s decision was reached, you were able to get appointments with the Caja, the state health insurance, and Immigration in an extremely short time. I was aware that to get an appointment with the Caja takes normally thirty days. You did it in two days. Continue reading

Testimonial from Mr. Burrell

Testimonial from a US client

Dear Eugenia,

I wish to thank you Licda. Eugenia Viquez Abogada/Attorney at Law and GLC Abogados/Law Firm for all the very professional, honest and timely  support you have provided to me with all my legal dealings here in Costa Rica. Because of the informative and legal support you and the GLC Law Firm have provided me; the sometimes confusing Costa Rican legal process was made understandable and effortless. Continue reading

Testimonial from Encke Technologies

Testimonial from Encke Technologies

“GLC Abogados has been a great help in launching our new company in Costa Rica. They take everything hard out of running a business. From California, I found the differences in simple laws and agreements very overwhelming, with GLC by my side, I feel like I can focus on what I am good at, running my business and not having to learn Costa Rican law.” Continue reading

Testimonial from Mr. Charles Fedonczak

Testimonial from a US client

Dr. Mr. Arce,

It is with great pleasure that I offer this testimonial to my experience with your firm.

I recently came across your company’s WEB site when looking for a law firm in Costa Rica.  Although the assistance I required was a relatively minor task, the work was of the utmost importance to me, therefore, I did not want to risk dealing with small or unknown legal firm.  I was, however, concerned that the simple nature of the work I was requesting would not be given full attention from a firm in such demand as yours.

Testimonial from Mr. Joel Uzelac

Testimonial from a US client

My name is Joel Uzelac, I am 23 years old and live in Costa Mesa California.
I first visited Costa Rica in 2013. Upon my return home I immediately began looking for the perfect property to purchase in hopes to one day live full time at. I was quickly discouraged from the idea after reading several stories of investments that went wrong due to an inadequate search of the title and necessary due diligence.

Continue reading

Testimonial from Mr. M.L and L.L.

Testimonial from a Swiss client

Dear Augusto,

This is a personal note on behalf of L.L. and I want to thank you for all your great help and support in securing a successful bid for the property. We also really appreciate the time that you spent with us during our recent visit and the subsequent rapid follow up on our behalf, which greatly helped us in a reaching a clear understanding of the process for Costa Rican residency and the various implication related to this. We are looking forward very much to relocating to CR, and we would be very pleased if you are a regular guest at our home.

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