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Attention: to ALL Beneficiaries of Costa Rican Companies

Digital Signature Mandatory for ALL final beneficiaries of Costa Rica companies

If you are a legal representative of a Costa Rican company, it is important that you are informed that Law # 9416 to Improve the fight against Tax Fraud established the obligation to disclose the ownership structure and the identification of the final beneficiaries.

The following individuals are now obligated by law to obtain a Digital Signature Certificate during the 1st Quarter of 2019 to interact with the newly created Registry of Shareholders: 
  • Presidents of Sociedades Anónimas (S.A.s)
  • Managers and Sub Managers of Sociedades de Responsabilidad Limitada (S.R.L.s)

Sanctions for not complying:

  • 2% of the declared gross income according the last tax return of previous fiscal year.
  • A minimum of 3 base salaries and up to US$66,000.00 approx.

For assistance or questions about the registration process please contact Estefanía Brenes to or calling (506)2524-3176

Press Release: GLC Abogados

GLC Abogados CINDE Law Firm

Lic. Augusto Arce, MBA
Managing Partner
GLC Abogados

Press Release:

 GLC Abogados accepted as CINDE law firm

CINDE is the Costa Rican Investment Promotion Agency


San José, Costa Rica, June 30th 2016: After more than 16 years of specialization in foreign advisory and related activities required to install and/or operate companies in Costa Rica, GLC Abogados has been officially included in the exclusive list of legal service providers of CINDE.


Since 1999 GLC Abogados became the “first mover” in law firms specialized in foreign advisory in the country and has collaborated with hundreds of foreigners in their pursuit of their goals in our territory and beyond it.


Starting today GLC Abogados will be eligible by important multinational companies that seek the competitive advantages that Costa Rica has to offer to install their operations locally and to be able to assist them specifically in the Immigration Law area of practice. Our Immigration Division is directed by attorney Eugenia Víquez who has extensive knowledge and experience in an ample variety of processes and migratory situations.

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Visit to Guatemala: Law Firm Calderon – Monge Asoc.

Guatemala: Law Firm Calderón - Monge Asociados

Guatemala: Law Firm Calderon – Monge Asociados

City of Guatemala, december 3rd 2014.

As Managing Partner of GLC Abogados and as Executive Secretary of Inlaw Alliance of Law Firms I had the opportunity to get to know personally the Partners of law firm Calderón- Monge Asociados Estudio Jurídico located in:

11 calle 8-14 zona 1, oficina 28, Ciudad de Guatemala, Guatemala Tel:+(502) 52180317

I was able to have a conversation with the Calderón attorneys at law and confirmed their ample knowledge of the legal and business environment in Guatemala.

GLC Abogados organizador de la VI Asamblea de Inlaw Alliance of Law Firms


A partir de hoy GLC Abogados como orgulloso miembro de Inlaw Alliance of Law Firms tiene el agrado de recibir en nuestro país a distinguidos abogados de reconocidas firmas legales del continente.

Inlaw busca el mejoramiento de la profesión legal y por ende la calidad en la asesoría legal a clientes de todos sus miembros.

En cada Asamblea Anual Inlaw busca definir el rumbo de la alianza y permite a abogados de diferentes nacionalidades encontrar la oportunidad de no sólo entrar en contacto con colegas diversos sino de entrar en contacto con su lado humano mediante actividades sociales y culturales que permiten el desarrollo de confianza en sus contrapartes.

En la actualidad Inlaw cuenta con firmas representativas en Guatemala, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panamá, Ecuador, Venezuela, Perú y Argentina.

Esta red nos permite ofrecer servicios consistentes y de calidad a nuestros clientes en al menos dichos países.



Take a look at our new office in Escazú

Guachipelín de Escazú, Plaza Florencia, local #4  (foto José Campos  Rojas)

Guachipelín de Escazú, Plaza Florencia, local #4                            (foto José Campos Rojas)

Guachipelín de Escazú, Plaza Florencia, local #4  (foto José Campos)

Guachipelín de Escazú, Plaza Florencia, local #4                         (foto José Campos Rojas)

Guachipelín de Escazú, Plaza Florencia, local #4 (foto José Campos Rojas)

Guachipelín de Escazú, Plaza Florencia, local #4                     (foto José Campos Rojas)

Located in the most vibrant sector of the capital city close to important residential and commercial developments, our new office seeks to facilitate the navigational access to our clients from this booming town with our legal team.

Only 5 minutes away from Multiplaza Escazú with easy access from Route 27 to our office, you don´t have to use elevators or go through bothersome registrations at the front desk

Contact us at:

Tel: Local: +(506) 2289-7962

Fax: Fax: +(506) 2253-2252


Sneak Peek at our new office in Escazú


Our main office is strategically located in quaint Los Yoses neighborhood just East from Downtown San José close to the Judiciary Circuits, National and Civil Registry, to the Costa Rican Lawyers Bar and to the most important government instances.

However an important portion of our clients live and work on the West side of the city, for that reason we have decided to open an office in that sector. We have selected a location of easy access and that offers navigational advantages for clients that are traveling to and from the Central and North Pacific.

So very soon we will be in a position to offer our clients the choice to meet in either of our 2 locations.

We will provide further details very soon.


Augusto Arce, attorney and MBA

Managing Partner

GLC Abogados



APP for VIP Clients



Our VIP clients can now download the GLC APP which makes business with us much simpler. It has a reminder for your meetings with us, the chat where you can speak to us online from any part of the world, the exchange rate (US$ and colones) , a converter for hectares and square meters, and our business profile in which you can find all the services we offer.

Available for iPhones, Androids, BBs.

Download here: